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Commission Questions...

Q.When are you open for commission?

I have no idea! Aside from the occasional exception, I'm closed most of the year. I will make an announcement in my deviantART journal and through facebook when I open some slots, so be sure to watch those pages.

Q.How long does it take for you to complete a commission?

I can't give an exact time frame since it depends on how busy I am, and how complex the project is. It varies between a week to three months. However, if you give me a specific deadline, I will always meet it.

Q.Where do you ship?

Mostly to Canada and the United States. I've also made successful transactions to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The only parcel that never made it safely was to Saudi Arabia because of their strict list of prohibited items. I'd like to say that I ship everywhere, but if your country has a ban on plushtoys or textiles, there isn't much I can do about that!

Q.How much does a commission cost?

Please check out the general price list (which is undergoing some updates, sorry!). There are also shipping cost and paypal fees. As an estimate, a commission can cost between 60$ to 200$+ (shipping and fees included).

Plush-making Questions...

Q.How do you make your plushies?

This is a very broad question that I get asked a lot. In a nutshell, the process can be summarized as: design the character in plush-form-- draw the pattern-- sew/construct the pattern-- embellish with details. I've compiled a Guide to Plush-Making to explain the many parts of my process.

Q.What are your plushies made of?

A variety of fabrics. The base body is typically in lycra, craft velour or deersuede (though in the past I have also used cotton broadcloth and canvas), the clothes are basically any fabric that's relatively thin and non-fraying, the hair is felt, the eyes are either handpainted with fine arts acrylics or printed on Quickfuse by June Taylor, and the body is stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

Q.Where do you get your supplies?

That's another long answer that deserves its own post!

Q.Can you post a pattern for the base body?

I have one pattern available in my DeviantART gallery, but otherwise, patterns are a plushmaker's lineart so they can't be given out freely. I'd instead like to make more patterns available for purchase in the future, so if you're interested in my designs, be sure to check out my facebook page for updates.

Q.How long does it take to complete a plush?

I've managed to complete a plushie in one sitting, so I can definitely complete one in a day if I'm highly motivated. Otherwise, I span out the work over a few days, sometimes weeks depending on the complexity of the project.


Q.Where are you located?

Montreal, QC.

Q.Which conventions do you attend?

Anime North and Otakuthon, if I can get a table in their artist alley. I've also attended FanExpo, Montreal Comicon, YESmontreal Art Expo, and Otafest, but I don't think I'll be going to those ones again.