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I am only accepting payment through paypal or money order.

For money orders... please make sure that it is in canadian dollars. If you are not coming from canada, I would suggest an international money order.

For paypal, there is sadly a fee that is charged. These fees are 2.9%+ 0.30$. For example, a 40$ plushie would have a fee of 1.46$. (40X0.029=1.16$ 1.16+0.30=1.46$). This is NOT a fee to transfer money from paypal to a bank account; it's a transaction fee that's placed each time a money request/invoice is sent. In the past, I let it slide, but I then realised that it really adds up! I could include the extra fee into the plushie price, but then it wouldn't be fair for those sending a money order who have to pay for postage anyways. Therefore, I'm being transparent with the breakdown, so that the commissioner knows what they're paying for.

IMPORTANT: If you are paying in deposit (first half upfront, second half when the commission is complete), there are TWO fees since it's calculated per transaction.


Chibi plushies will be sent at a flatrate of 10$CAD for regular airmail to the USA. Canadian and International orders will be specifically calculated. Since chibis are sturdier than my other plushies, they will be packaged in bubble-wrap mailer enveloppes (so the shipping cost includes the packaging).

If you are ordering more than one chibi plushie, shipping will be calculated accordingly. Also, if you insist on having a tracking number (regular airmail does not include one), I can arrange sending it through a different method but bear in mind that it is more expensive.

For the other types of plushies, there are 4 types of shipping (all through Canadapost):

Regular airmail to the USA does not have a tracking system and has no insurance. Once the plushie is sent, it is no longer my responsibility. Therefore, choose your shipping method wisely! Up to date, I have only had one case of a lost parcel and it was to Saudi Arabia (I was only informed afterwards through fedex's site that plushies were prohibited items!!) All my USA/Canada parcels have arrived safely through regular airmail.

All Canadian orders include tracking. Any parcel sent to Quebec/Ontario will arrive in 3~4 business days, and the cost for one plushie is around 10$. Shipping out west or to the maritimes is usually more expensive.