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*The following prices do not include shipping and the paypal fee. Please read the shipping and payment section for an estimated quote.

For a further breakdown of the prices and to give an idea on how I will quote the project, consult this spreadsheet. If you'd like to use the calculator on the spreadsheet, feel free to download the file to input the numbers. (Press on file, then "download as")

5.5" Mini-Plush-- 20~25$CAD

Limited time offer for Summer 2017! To order a remake or a custom: fill out this form!
**Please note that shipping for 1 mini-plush still costs the same as a normal 10" plush. It's therefore more cost-effective to order more than one at a time.

Chibi-Plush 10"-- 45~65$CAD

A simple plushie for the casual or hardcore fan. Ten inches in height might not sound too tall, but their large heads (6" in width) give you more to hug. Use them to complement your cosplay, give a customized gift for that special someone, or just keep the cuteness for yourself!

11"~ 12" UFO catcher plush-- 100~150$CAD

Pheleon's interpretation of the UFO-catcher style plushie: the feet and hands are big! This plush is made with deersuede, a high-quality polyester fabric that's matte and very soft to touch. Handpainted details are more difficult because of the fuzziness, but the many layers of paint result in a very rich colour.

10"~11" Classic plush-- 85~150$CAD

Pheleon's 10" classic plush is a one-of-a-kind original design. The 1:3 head-body ratio gives a mature look while still retaining its cuteness. Sadly, the special lycra fabric used for this pattern has been discountinued, so these custom plushies are limited in number. If you're looking for an extremely accurate and unique plush, this is for you.
Extra features (these will increase the price):