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The Product

Pheleon Creations specializes in the making of plush toys and textile art. From designing patterns, to sewing and embellishing, everything is finely crafted by hand. Each product is therefore unique, made from the outcome of a long trial and error process, which hopefully ensures the best final result. ^_^

The Person

ď When I was 9 years old, my awesome school teacher taught us how to handstitch. After acquiring this great knowledge, I immediately put it into practice by sewing up my own little coin purse with my mother's scrap fabric. It was a peaceful activity, all fine and dandy, until my energetic elder brother came along and thought it'd be funny to strike me with his signature tickling attack. The result: a huge scuffle that ended with my 2-inch needle snapping in half as it lodged into my foot, which didnít immediately make me cry, but inevitable had me wailing in tears when my mother had to pry it out...

" One might think that this event would have traumatized me from sewing, but no, I had simply picked up a new needle to continue my project. And after more than a decade and a half later, the coin purse may have slipped into the land of forever lost items (i.e. it's probably thrown out), but I certainly held onto the skills. The moral of this story is to never let a past injury deter you from your pursuits. I hope that my creations aren't just aesthetic; I hope that they inspire you to hone your own skills and create beautiful things.